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Activities overview for 2022

Incubation and Regional City Exchange workshop
On 26 and 27 January 2022 two hybrid workshops were held in Koprivnica within the CLIMASUM project. During these two days, more than 70 participants had the opportunity to learn more about public-private partnerships in mobility as a service concept and about sustainable rural-urban mobility.

Webinar “Challenges of extension of pedestrian zones in cities”
The first of this year’s CIVINET Slo-Cro-JIE webinars, held on February 25, 2022. Around 60 participants had the opportunity to hear about the examples of planning and implementing of the pedestrian zones in Zagreb, Sisak, Ljubljana and Kruševac.

Cities, climate and transport 
A two-day hybrid event was held on 17th and 18th March 2022 in Zagreb. The organizers were ODRAZ as a Secretariat of the CIVINET Slovenia – Croatia – SEE Network and the City of Zagreb as the coordinator of the Network. The rich two-day program began with the 9th annual assembly of the Network. The day before, the meetings of the Management, Political and Academic Committees were held.

There were more than 120 participants, both in person and online. Participants got an insight of new EU policies as well as new funding sources for sustainable and climate neutral mobility. There were some examples of good practice, too. Representatives of different towns – Poreč, Rijeka, Maribor and Zagreb talked about the projects that contribute to climate mitigation through sustainable mobility.

Study visit to Prague
A study visit was held from 11 to 13 April 2022. It was organized by ODRAZ as a Secretariat of CIVINET Slovenia – Croatia – SEE in cooperation with Transport research center from Brno as a Secretariat of CIVINET Czech – Slovak. In total 26 members of the Network from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina took part on this three-day visit to the relevant Prague institutions active in the field of transport and spatial planning.

The study tour was also an opportunity to present the examples of good practice of sustainable mobility in Prague (the results of SUMPs in spatial and transport planning, street transformation, public transport, pedestrian zones, electric vehicles), as well as knowledge transfer and the establishment of cooperation.

Meeting of the CIVINET European networks 
Secretariat of the CIVINET network Slovenia-Croatia-SEE hosted the CIVINET European network meeting in Zagreb from May 23 to 25, 2022. During three intensive days, the way the networks function and the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as future plans, were discussed. The event was attended by representatives of seven out of a total of 10 networks – CIVINET Czech Republic-Slovakia, CIVINET Spain-Portugal, CIVINET Greece-Cyprus, CIVINET Netherlands, CIVINET Romania, CIVINET Hungary and the host network.

Webinar “The contribution of the railway to sustainable mobility”
This webinar organized on 15 July 2022 focused on how existing resources can be provided with better service, what are the organisational and legislative obstacles, and the preconditions that must be achieved in order to make public transport by rail more efficient for passengers.  In total 50 participants from Croatia and neighbouring countries participated in the webinar.

Summer School for Youth: STEM approach for the cities of the future
In the interdisciplinary atmosphere of work, truly excellent solutions are created. This was once again proven true by young participants of the summer school, mainly students of architecture, construction, transport, geography, mechanical engineering, and IT design. The summer school called “STEM approach for the cities of the future” took place in Šibenik, on the campus of St. John’s Fortress, from 18 to 22 July 2022. On the last day of school there was an Open Day at which young people presented their conceptual solutions to traffic-spatial problems in Šibenik. In total, 25 of them, with the help of mentors, analyzed, created, and improved solutions for five selected topics from the area of Šibenik.

Conference “Traffic-spatial solutions for cities of the future”
St. John’s Fortress in Šibenik was home to a one-day conference “Traffic-spatial solutions for cities of the future” on 22 July 2022. The aim of the conference was to introduce participants to the activities undertaken so far on the revitalization of urban spaces as well as the potential mobility solutions planned by the City of Šibenik. Solutions on public spaces and mobility that follow trends were presented – active mobility, revitalization of space, putting climate change and citizens in focus.

Marking the European Mobility Week: panel discussion “Women’s perspective on moving around the city – problems, ideas, solutions”
Conversation about mobility from a woman’s perspective – potential problems that women face every day when moving around the city, what obstacles they encounter, how safe they feel.

CIVITAS Regional City Excange Workshop
The day before the conference, representatives of the Network Secretariat and the City of Koprivnica participated in the last of three CIVITAS Regional City Exchange Workshops organized by CIVITAS Elevate in cooperation with the CIVINET Czech-Slovak network and the City of Brno. At this year’s third workshop led by Fred Dotter from the Belgian organization Mobiel 21, representatives of the cities of Koprivnica, Brno and Aachen presented their success related to the financing of urban, rural and regional mobility projects. Goran Lampelj from Network Secretariat talked about the development of sustainable urban mobility solutions in Croatia with a special emphasis on how to speed up that process. Both presentations referred to the role and support provided by CIVINET local networks.

Workshop “Evaluation of sustainable urban mobility plans”
A two-day workshop on the evaluation of sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP) was held in Velenje on 13th and 14th October 2022. About 40 members of the CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE network from Slovenia, Croatia and BiH participated in the workshop. At the workshop led by Aljaž Plevnik from the Urban Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, three topics were discussed: the evaluation of SUMPs, evaluation of SUMP measures and processes. At the end of the first day, the hosts arranged for the participants a study visit on electric bicycles and Lokalc bus to Lake Velenjsko and the Vista.The second day of the event continued with the session SUMP – practice that results in change.

Webinar “Behavioural change and urban mobility”
Thematic webinar organized by CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE Network Secretariat, was held on December 13, 2022. More than 50 participants tuned in to hear about the topic of changes in behaviour and habits in the context of urban mobility. The webinar included thematic presentations on implemented mobility measures that influenced change in human behaviour.

Based on a few inspirational examples from the EU and CIVITAS as well as Croatian (Zagreb) and Slovenian cities (Ljutomer, Velenje), participants had the chance to exchange experiences and examples of good practice about this very important topic when it comes to improving the quality of life in cities.

Participation in professional gatherings and international conferences

  • Conference “Synergies of urban mobility”, Zabok, 9 June
    The CLIMASUM project was presented as one of the examples of how to mitigate climate change through sustainable urban mobility.
  • The First National Cycling Conference, Varaždin, 14-16 September
    As part of the panel “Safety of bicycle traffic and the role of SUMPs”, the activities of the Network and CIVINET’s cities in the area of SUMP development were presented.
  • Urban Mobility Days , Brno, September 20 – 22
  • SuTra International Conference on Sustainable Transport, Opatija, 29 September – 1 October
    Presented activities of the Network and projects that include an interdisciplinary approach in traffic-spatial planning and work with young people and the wider community
  • Mediterranean Urban Forum, Athens, 25 and 26 October
    The Forum was organized by CIVINET Greece-Cyprus and partners on Urban Transports project. In front of 80 participants, Goran Lampelj presented the importance of SUMPsas a tool in mitigating climate change and the current ODRAZ project CLIMASUM-Climate Mitigation to sustainable urban mobility.
  • Annual POLIS Conference 2022, Brussels, 30 November – 1 December
    The conference was an opportunity to socialize with other European CIVINET networks and other stakeholders in the field of sustainable mobility and discuss new ideas for joint projects.
  • TransiCity tribune: Sustainable mobility for all / Bookshop Fraktura, 20 December
    The idea of these tribune is to bring the climate transition in cities closer to the citizens together with practical solutions for mitigating climate change. At the tribune, we talked about sustainable, climate-resistant, ecologically and energy-friendly mobility.



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