31. 12. 2020. | Activities

Network activites in 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted our activities to the new situation. We carried out all planned activities, most of them in a hybrid form or on-line. The only thing we had to postpone for 2021 was the study visit to Belgrade.

  • General Assembly and roundtable “The future of urban mobility in South East Europe”, Zagreb, 8 September 2020 was organized as a hybrid event – 45 members participated, as well as other stakeholders interested in the topic of sustainable mobility. The event was organised by the city of Zagreb and ODRAZ/ CIVINET Secretariat. Croatian Ministry of Transport presented new programmes and priorities for sustainable mobility 2021-2027;  Panel discussion on future of urban mobility in South East Europe was held with participants from all member countries.
  • 5th CIVINET Forum, Zagreb, 9 September 2020 – The topic was “Innovations in transport policies and solutions for sustainable mobility”; the first part of the Forum was dedicated to the innovative policies and strategies for sustainable mobility. SUMP 2.0 guidelines were presented by Rupprecht Consult, and additionally, examples from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia were presented. The second part of the Forum was dedicated to the Innovative technologies and smart mobility. Examples from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia were presented to 36 participants.
  • Workshop on Micromobility, online, 21 October 2020 – organised in the context of COVID-19 pandemic which brought acceleration of road space reallocation measures and pop-up cycling infrastructure. There were 72 participants, mostly from Slovenia and Croatia. Workshop included presentations of international experts from Polis network, City of Leuven and Slovenian Nomago. After presentations, three groups were discussed micromobility on three levels of implementation (strategies, policies and answer from mobility planning sector to COVID-19 pandemic; city perspective, localization and acceleration of change; private-public partnerships)
  • Workshop “Public space and mobility planning”, online, 26 October 2020 – public space and reallocation of space are very relevant topic in the context of urban and mobility planning affected by COVID-19; target group was young professionals and students from CIVINET countries; there were 95 participants; after the presentations 15 interested students were divided in five groups and in the next two days they were working in hackathon format on models for two smaller cities (roadspace reallocation, parking policies in city centre, micromobility, bike sharing schemes, traffic calming etc.); two groups presented their work on 8 November to five mentors/professors from five faculties.
  • CIVINET networks meeting and dissemination at Low-carb workshop, Koprivnica, 29 January 2020. – presentation of CIVINET network Slo-Cro-SEE and its activities and meeting with Hungarian and Italian CIVINET networks.
  • Presentation of the Network and activities of CIVINET at final conference of the project “Sustainable safety of non-motorized transport in urban areas”, online, 17 November 2020; 72 participants from all CIVINET Slo-Cro-SEE countries Conference “Planning of non-motorized traffic – yesterday, today, tomorrow” – Odraz